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Grand Texas

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Grand Texas is a band that plays a high-energy mixture of Louisiana and Texas music that will have you tappin' a foot. Our huge eclectic repertoire includes the danceable rhythms of Cajun, Zydeco, and Texas Swing. In addition, we can add a little Blues, Rock n Roll, and classic Country music depending on our audiences and the venues. Our Cajun & Zydeco music is from the bayous and prairies of south Louisiana with spicy Cajun button accordion. We play Texas Swing tunes of Bob Wills, Milton Brown, and others with fiddle and jazzy swing guitar. We also know there are dancers out there that want a Schottische, Polka, or the Cotton Eyed Joe now and then. Good harmony vocals are a big thing with us too, and we all sing.

We play the best of the best music that defines the spicy gumbo sounds of Louisiana and the hot “swing” sounds of Texas. This is the music that Texans and Cajuns have listened and danced to for a long, long time. We guarantee you'll tap your foot! Check us out!

Grand Texas; is just what you need to pass a good time. We play for BBQs, crawfish boils, festivals, conventions, weddings, restaurants, taverns, and just about everything, including private parties. Please contact us for more information!!!!

Pronunciation guide:

If you're in Texas it's:
grán(d)  ték-siz;

If you're in Louisiana it's:
grahn  tek-sáhs