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Music Instruction

Want to Play an Instrument?

Steve Bing, music instructor

Music is fun! You can learn how to play quickly and easily. I will show you how. I am an experienced music teacher and I will have you making music in a short amount of time.

  • I teach in my home or yours.
  • I have students from grade school children to retirees and everyone in between.
  • I have a unique way of teaching these instruments to make it easy and fun at the same time.
  • If you need an instrument I can help you get one that is the best for your budget.
  • I also carry a full line of strings and accessories.

Guitar: Acoustic or electric. Rock, country, folk, bluegrass. You will learn standard guitar tablature, chords, rhythm, scales, patterns, and creative soloing.

No reading music required although I do teach it.
I have loaner guitars available.

Fiddle: Old-time, bluegrass, Texas-style, Cajun. You will learn by ear, and also with my tablature, how to play tunes, and also back-up fiddling, and stylings.

No reading music required.
I have loaner fiddles/violins available.

Cajun Accordion: Traditional and modern Cajun tunes as well as a little Zydeco. You will learn by ear, and also with my unique tablature, how to play many great tunes and "BOTH" sides of the accordion (treble side and bass side).

No reading music required.
I have loaner accordions available.

Call Steve Bing in Houston, TX at 832-433-7914 or email at I am located in the "Heights"