Steve Bing and Grand Texas, Houston, TX

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Donna Bing
Rhythm guitar, percussion, vocals

According to my mother, I began singing and dancing at the age of four to "American Bandstand" and "Hollywood A-Go-Go" on our black and white TV. Often I would entertain myself by staying up late at night and reading and singing to myself on the couch. About that time I also started to pick out songs by ear on my grandmother's piano. Grandma obliged by giving the piano to my parents. I played through junior high school and then took up the clarinet in band class and then gave that up for guitar in high school. I could play the heck out of the song "Sunrise, Sunset" as a lot of my Catholic friends got married at guitar masses.Then I stopped playing for twenty years until my boyfriend (now husband) found a guitar in my closet. But, back to the history.

Beginning in college and afterwards, I sang with the Northwestern University Chorus in Evanston, IL; the Memphis State Community Chorus in Memphis, TN; and then with the Houston Symphony Chorus in Houston, TX. However, once I discovered folk dancing, the symphony schedule was shelved to make way for learning to sing and dance in 19 different languages with the Houston International Folk Dancers.

I met my husband (Steve Bing) at a folk dance party where he was playing Cajun music. I took to Cajun music like a crawfish to mud and tagged along with him to jams and gigs learning to play Cajun-style guitar. I love the music because it's happy music and I love the Cajun people because they are warm-hearted people. I also sing with the warm-hearted folks on the Praise Team at St. Mark's United Methodist Church.


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