Steve Bing and Grand Texas, Houston, TX

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Jim DePitts
Lead guitar, vocals

I was raised on the Galveston County mainland in the 1950's and 1960's. For years we lived across the street from the Hungerfords, a family of Cajun rice farmers who introduced me to French music and to playing guitar with a knife slide. In addition to the music at church, radio brought in everything from rock & roll, Huey Meaux's swamp pop and old French music, blues from Nashville and Chicago and Texas Swing favorites such as Bob Wills and Red Foley. On TV there was local favorite "Utah" Carl. I gave him the measles once, but that's another story.

My friend Jack got a guitar when we were 14, which meant I had to have one as well: a sunburst arch top Silvertone by Harmony. Prettiest thing I ever saw. Don't think my mom was ever able to finish paying Sears for it but they let me keep it anyway. I've had over 100 guitars but you never forget your first.

Jack & I formed a band in high school called the Impalas. In college there was The Better Mousetrap and after that Lost John, Rolinwood and the Phenomenal Moon Band. In these groups I was fortunate to have played with Ray Colcord (now a Los Angeles writer/arranger/producer), singer/songwriter Hugh Moffat ("Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You") and Danny Thomas, former drummer for the 13th Floor Elevators. After years of woodshedding, while working 8 to 5, I took early retirement and the opportunity to get back into playing out, both as a solo artist and in groups. "Grand Texas" plays music that's joyful and danceable with lots of guitar...just my kind of a good time.

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